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Webinar: NDIA Biotechnology for Materiel and Defense Symposium Sponsored by Lockheed Martin


Recent advances in Synthetic Biology, Biotechnology, and their supporting infrastructure—biodesign, automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics—are affording transformational impacts beyond traditional opportunity spaces to produce natural polymers and composites, synthesize new molecules for coatings and resins, and 'grow' structural materials such as cement and foams. Future capabilities such as biosensors and nano-structure material production are on the cusp of implementation. The far future promises the ability for in-situ production, self-healing, and more. This ability to harness nature's processes to produce molecules and materials in a sustainable way has the potential to not only have a positive impact on the environment and domestic manufacturing but also radically change how we design and build materiel in order to maintain and support our troops.

Date & Time
June 17, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

Renata Casiel
Meeting Planner
(703) 247-2561